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The HISTORY of the sun protection products SUN LIKE started in 2001. Then, in the fragile economy of post-communist Bulgaria, a small company that set itself the ambitious task of producing cosmetic products competitive to the big European giants. The team of Agiva Ltd. united around the concept of sun protection cosmetics. It undertook the responsibility of skin care and, soon after that, it put its first lotion SUN LIKE on the market winning over the consumers' hearts with a surprisingly high quality.


The Sun Like family grew in the years. The product range was extended and it is constantly renovated around the concept of SECURE PROTECTION AND FAST BUT HEALTHY TAN.

From the very beginning until currently, the fomula of all SUN LIKE products contain „CAROTENЕ+“ complex – an extract of carrots and many vitamins. Beta Carotene in the body acts as a NATURAL TANNING ACCELERATOR. When exposed to the sun, similarly to the skin pigment, it reflects the sun rays and is stored in the skin. It increases the level of melanin in the skin and contributes to its fast darkening without colouring it and with no marks on the bathing suits and belongings. The SUN LIKE products contribute to the acquisition of an even golden-brown tan.

We focus our efforts on creating NEW PRODUCTS with NEW FORMULAS AND in NEW PACKAGING, offering a number of advantages.

2022 - We are proud to present the first climate-neutralized products by SUN LIKE. We have changed our formulas - Without homosalate and without octocrylene. Our new mission is to offer customers reliable sun protection with new, broad-spectrum UVA and UVB filters, optimally protecting the skins health. Series of products with less harmful impact on the environment. Additionally, modern society relys on sunscreen made from carefully selected formulas and ingredients. However, these days a huge factor are the packaging solutions that leave less carbon footprint in the environment. For the first time in the production line, we have used certified craft cardboard and 48% less plastic. We rely on thinner, Eco Slim caps made of 100% recycled plastic. We create products with responsibility for the climate and we hope to help to protect the flora and fauna of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, part of which is the sand daffodil, a symbol of our new series of ECO SUNSCREEN LOTIONS.


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