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Hyaluronic aftersun care for a long-lasting skin complexion

Summer is peeking around the corner and it's time to prepare the beach bag. In addition to a sunscreen, the holiday bag should include another must-have product - a cooling gel lotion with an enhanced moisturising effect. It is known that good hydration is one of the basic rules of beauty, and ignoring this rule after a day at the beach borders a cosmetic crime. Why?

What happens to our body in the sun?

The sun dries the skin and hair, and evaporates moisture from the tissues. The skin perceives ultraviolet rays as an irritant and a cascade of protective reactions begins in the body. Large amounts of active substances enter the blood, which in smaller doses have a pleasant effect (for example, walking on a sunny day invigorates and improves mood). As a protective reaction to ultraviolet light rays, the skin begins a process of melanin synthesis and rapidly thickens the epidermis - a dense layer of dead cells serves as a protective barrier against harmful external factors. At the same time, the intercellular connections do not have time to form and moisture escapes freely through the resulting microcracks.

Prolonged exposure to the sun also provokes inflammation in the skin - this is the sunburn, in which it becomes red and painful. And inflamed, reddened skin with dilated vessels evaporates more water just to cool down.

Rule №1 after the beach - MOISTURISE!

A minimum dose of solar radiation reduces the volume of hyaluronic acid by about 20% - it is consumed by cells as an antioxidant and prevents damage to their DNA. The less hyaluronic acid, the lower the level of skin hydration.

Hyaluronic acid and urea

In the composition of the cooling gel lotion "Sun Like" we added the vital hyaluronic acid and urea - for immediate and deep hydration.

Hyaluronic acid has been found to increase skin hydration levels by 96% and skin elasticity by 55%. Thanks to its highly hygroscopic properties, it balances moisture and is responsible for maintaining a fresh and radiant appearance of the skin. Hyaluronic acid makes the skin smooth and soft, increases tone, promotes elasticity and helps maintain complexion. In combination with urea, anti-aging and ideal for dry and sensitive skin, the afterson product "Sun Like" significantly reduces the effect of taut skin. Moreover - the combination creates all the conditions for a longer and more beautiful complexion, nourishing, softening and smoothing the skin.

XXL dose of peppermint and aloe oil

We enhanced the cooling and nourishing effect of the product with an even greater dose of peppermint oil and pure aloe gel. Peppermint oil works great for relieving sunburn. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and thanks to its main active compound, menthol, creates a feeling of cooling. It is also antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiseptic.

Aloe has been known for thousands of years as a super plant! It contains a number of enzymes that help reduce inflammation and compensate for the need for deep hydration. The herb is an integral part of the full range of cosmetic products - from baby cosmetics to Eastern medicine, and is most often used as an anti-inflammatory agent against skin irritations.

Sun Like Cooling Gel Lotion helps maintain the integrity of the epidermis and stabilizes the complexion, and it is reomended to apply it after the beach or in the evenings of warm summer months. It has a light texture, extremely pleasant aroma, absorbs quickly, refreshes and leaves no greasy traces. Be sure to pre-wash sea salt, chlorine and residues of sunscreen.

Reuse - Reduce - Recycle

As part of our eco-designed Sun Like sunscreen series, the cooling gel lotion is now in a new, climate-neutral package. The formula "Reuse - Reduce - Recycle" fully applies to it.

7 tips for sun-burned skin:

• Take a cool shower before applying Sun Like Cooling Gel Lotion. It is important that the water is not hot - it weakens the already damaged lipid barrier, and in case of burns will increase the pain.

• Choose a shower gel with a neutral formula without color and fragrance.

• Do not use hard towels or rough scrubs to avoid further damage to the skin.

• Do not rub.

• Put the cooling gel lotion "Sun Like" in the refrigerator for a short time - the cooled product will immediately relieve the discomfort.

• Do not apply essential oils directly on the skin after sunburn - they clog pores.

• Avoid products with cucumber or lemon extracts - they lighten the skin and destroy the complexion.