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How does sunscreen actually work?

The new summer hit - sun protection in two phases

Excessive sun exposure can damage the skin's protective properties - it becomes dehydrated, thins out and begins to age faster. To enjoy the full pleasure of a vacation by the sea, or in the mountains, you need double secure protection - on the one hand – it acts as a shield against harmful sunlight, and on the other – it restores the water balance, which is factor № 1 for fresh and young skin.

True to health and beauty, we have combined the best technologies in cosmetics and created the two-phase lotion HYALURON PROTECT SUN LIKE. The new hit on the beach combines two textures in an innovative formula enriched with hyaluronic acid and collagen, not only for maximum sun protection, but also for deep skin hydration. The two-phase lotion simultaneously protects the skin from aggressive rays and from drying out, deeply moisturizing, smoothing and reducing the premature aging of the epidermis. It has a light, fast absorbing texture, which refreshes and leaves no greasy traces. Suitable for applying to dry and wet skin.

How do sunscreen products work?

Among the most important components of а sunscreen are the UVA and UVB filters, which protect from the harmful rays of the sun. They have physical and chemical composition.
Physical filters act as a mirror, reflecting harmful rays from the surface of the skin. The chemicals are light in texture and contain ingredients that protect the skin by absorbing the rays.
However, after a few hours in the sun, they oxidize and stop working. That is why it is necessary to apply cosmetics frequently - six tablespoons every two hours, starting 30 minutes before sun exposure.

The strength of the sun protection factor decreases over time, so it is not recommended to use products left over from last summer.

How to choose the type of sunscreen product?

There are different sunscreen products on the market - oils, milks, creams ... what's the difference?

The classic lotion or cream has a thick and rich texture that protects and nourishes the skin in depth.

 The milk has a delicate silky texture, which absorbs quickly and provides secure and invisible protection. Reduces the harmful effects of the sunlight, moisturizes and gives elasticity to the skin. It is extremely convenient to apply with the ergonomic bottle shape and spray pump.

The oil is usually for a quick, even tan and a seductively shiny complexion. You will find it in the dark brown packaging. Don't miss the extra shine of the sunscreen oil with shiny Sun Like particles.

For even easier and more precise application, we created the Sun Like aerosol. Several sprays ensure excellent hydration, well-protected and delicate skin.

Aftersun care

Did you know that after-beach products help to lengthen and beautify the complexion? We recommend you trying the products from the Aftersun series by SUN LIKE. They are enriched with panthenol, vitamins, aloe vera and mint, and have a light but at the same time moisturizing consistency and a wonderful fresh aroma for relaxation and comfort after sunbathing.