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Kids sun protection - a must fot the summer, not just for the beach

  During the summer months, children are outside and their skin is exposed to the sun. That can be a problem. Throughout the summer days, children wear less and go the beach naked or just in a swimsuit or swimming pants. During this time of the year, the sun's rays lurk over all the exposed parts of the childrens delicate skin. Redness on the skin can occur only from a short exposure. And a little more time - BURNT. Mothers, fathers and grandmothers are aware of this danger. Therefore, they carefully choose sunscreen products for their children. And they use them regularly, all summer long.

 The sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays are more ruthless to children's skin. And this is normal. Children's skin is different. It is thinner and its protective functions have not fully developed yet. The outermost layer of children's skin is quite thin and not so dense. Therefore, the sun's rays penetrate easier and faster through it. And there, below, the other protective function of the skin also does not work fully. The production of melanin (responsible for color and darkening) in children is still in development. And they burn faster.

 Children need special UV protection. It is good to avoid standing outdoors or on the beach when the UV rays are the strongest. This is between 11:00Am and 03:00PM . Shadows or clouds do not help - UV rays pass through them. At other times, when playing and / or standing on the beach, children should wear appropriate, protective clothing and a hat. And, whenever possible, to be in the shade - under an umbrella, tent or other type of roof. And sunscreen is a must. A carefully chosen one, of course.

 Children's sunscreen lotions and milks are suitable for children. Adult products should not be applied to children's skin. In sunscreen cosmetics for children there are special filters tailored to the specifics of their skin. The appropriate children's SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is 30 - 50. This sun protection factor indicates that no more than 2-3% of UV rays reach the skin. Baby lotion or milk is used 15-30 minutes before going out, and then every 2 hours. With regular use, they reliably protect children's skin. All summer long.

In the summer, mothers have their favorite sunscreen. They rely on the Sun Like Kids series. The special children's products in it are offered as lotions and as milks - to choose from, according to preferences. These sunscreen cosmetics protect sensitive baby skin as well as possible. And prevents irritation, dehydration and inflammation.
Sun Like Kids sunscreen lotion and Sun Like Kids sunscreen have a factor of 30-50 for children's skin. And are enriched with Beta-carotene, Vitamin E and chamomile extract for more gentle care.

In summer the children are outside. And their mothers protect them with sunscreen products from the Sun Like Kids series.