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Sun protection in winter: Because it is just as important!

If winter affects you in a negative way and you feel down, it is a good idea to spend more time outdoors.  Winter season offers quite a few opportunities for outdoor activities, such as skiing or walks through the snow drifts of the mountain.

Most of us know how important the sun protection in the summer is; however, it is as important to protect your skin during the winter season too, especially so if you’re in the mountain.

Snow can increase the harmful effects of UV radiation, since it reflects the sun rays. UV rays not only affect from above, but also reflect from the snow on the ground, which leads to double exposure. Such exposure is very intense in the heights, since air is purer, the atmosphere is diluted and consequently absorbs less UV rays.

During a sunny day, the fresh and clean snow can reflect up to 80% UV radiation. UV levels increase with no more than 10% with every increase in altitude of 1000 meters. At 2000 meters, the UV radiation is with up to 30% more, in comparison to that at sea level. It is also important to note that, cloudy weather during snowy winter days does not ensure sun protection. In fact, 80 % of UV rays go through the clouds and can cause unpleasant sunburns.

In order to effectively protect your skin, use sunscreens with high SPF. SUN LIKE recommends SUN LIKE PANTHENOL LotionSPF 50. In addition to high sun protection, ensured by UVA+UVB filters, this lotion offers intensive hydration, thanks to the D-PanthenolVitamins A and Е contents, as well as the marigold extract. For the kids, use the KIDS SPF50 Series, in variation spray-milk or lotion. 

Sun protection is a necessity. Do not forget to take care of your skin even when you’re enjoying yourself in the snow!