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solar tips

solar tips

Pantenol - 5 Key Benefits and Advantages for the Skin

Panthenol, also known as provitamin B5, is one of those ingredients that stands out with its numerous benefits for the skin. In the following article, we will explore its advantages for the skin and why it is used in sun protection products. Learn more!

How to choose and apply an eco lotion for maximum sun protection?

In this article, we will explore what eco lotions are, what sets them apart from regular sunscreens and discuss valuable tips on how to choose the most suitable eco lotion for your skin. Learn more!

Why is sun protection key to preventing age spots?

In this article, we will analyze the topic related to pigment spots. What they are, what causes them, how to deal with them and why sun protection is key to preventing them. Learn more!

Sunscreen according to skin type - how to choose the right sunscreen

To ensure optimal care for our skin, we first need to understand its type. In this article, we will specifically address this issue and discuss how to find the most suitable sunscreen product based on the type and needs of your skin. Learn more!

Allergies and Sun: Avoiding Unpleasant Skin Reactions

The sun is a source of vitamin D and positive emotions, for some people it can cause unpleasant allergic skin reactions. In this article, we will look at what causes sun allergy, how we can recognize and prevent it, and what are the most effective methods of protecting the skin and enjoy sunny days without the risk of unpleasant reactions.

5 best sunscreen lotions and who can use them

Check out 5 of the best sunscreens and see who can use them. No matter if you want a quick healthy tan, you want to combine skin care with the protection of nature or you are looking for gentle care for the smallest members of your family. Learn more!

How do Beta Carotene products protect the skin from UV rays?

One of the most important steps in our quest for healthy and glowing skin is UV protection. Today we're going to tell you about one of the most commonly used ingredients in Sun Like sunscreens: Beta Carotene. Learn more!

What should we know about sun protection and how to apply the product?

One of the most powerful skin-damaging factors is ultraviolet solar radiation. That is why the importance of sun protection is being talked about more and more often. But did you know that in order to get the most out of your products, not only the composition of the cosmetics is important, but also whether you apply it correctly?

Sunscreen Ingredients: Why It's Important to Know Them?

Sunscreens are an essential tool in our skin care arsenal. But do you know exactly what goes into your sunscreen lotion? In this article, we'll go into a little more detail about why you should know the ingredients in your sunscreen. Learn more!

Vitamins and sun protection: The perfect combination for healthy skin

Every day our skin faces a double challenge: the need for protection against harmful UV rays and the desire for healthy and beautiful skin. In this article, we look at the relationship between vitamins and sun protection as the best way to achieve healthy, protected and naturally beautiful skin.

Sun, travel and sun protection: how to find the balance?

While enjoying the sun in a warm destination, it is crucial to find the balance between the beneficial effects of the sun's rays and protecting your skin from their potential harm. In this article, we'll look at how you can achieve this balance using Sun Like Hydrating Sunscreen Lotions.

5 reasons to take a hydrating sunscreen lotion on your trip

Do you have an exotic trip coming up? In this article, we give you 5 reasons why you should get Sun Like Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion. Check them out and take care of your skin in the best way!

Under the Tropical Sun: What Are the Best Sun Protection Products?

With the arrival of colder days, the long-awaited moment for travel enthusiasts has come: time for exotic destinations. We're sharing with you the most important information you need to know about sun protection and will assist you in choosing products suitable for your skin.

3 tips to keep your skin hydrated and protected on an exotic vacation

Planning your exotic adventure? In this article, you'll get some tips on how to keep your skin hydrated and protected under the bright, tropical, sun. Learn more.

Why is it important to use a cooling gel lotion after sunbathing?

After-sun care is necessary to prevent unpleasant consequences such as sunburn and premature aging. In this article, we will look at the importance of proper after-beach care to keep the skin beautiful, young and radiant.

How to soothe sunburned skin?

Sunburns appear when the leather is placed on a hard surface, a lot of UV radiation can cause pain, worms and inflammation on the surface of the leather. In the basin, teach us how to soothe and restore the skin blackened by the sun.

How often should you apply sunscreen lotion?

Sunscreen lotion is one of the most important products in the summer, but how often should we apply it to be fully protected? This is a question that many people ask themselves. In this article, we will look at the importance of applying sunscreen lotions correctly and describe recommendations for optimal skin protection. Learn more!

How to stay protected and hydrated during the summer months?

Summer is a period in which we must pay special attention to the protection and hydration of our organism. From drinking enough water to using sunscreen. Check out our tips for proper hydration in this article.

How to choose the right after-sun gel lotion for your skin's needs?

For the long-term preservation of the chocolate tan, it is extremely important how you care for your skin after the beach. In this article, we tell you how to choose the right nourishing care and which ingredients you can trust.

How to deal with dry skin during the summer?

Summer is here and the sun's rays are making us happy with their presence! However, it is important to remember that prolonged exposure to the sun can damage your skin. Learn how to maintain and hydrate it during the summer days.

How long do sunscreens protect?

Protecting the skin from the effects of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays is extremely important and sunscreen products are an essential tool in achieving this goal. Learn how long sunscreens protect and how often you should apply them.

5 reasons to use sun protection spray milk - protection and hydration for your skin

In the era of beautiful and healthy skin, protection from the harmful effects of the sun is absolutely necessary. Learn more about the characteristics of Sun Like Spray Milk and why it has become a favorite sunscreen product for many consumers.

What is a sunscreen twophase lotion and what are its benefits?

With the arrival of summer, we will introduce you to one of the most preferred products, the twophase sunscreen lotion. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what it is and why it's fast becoming a favorite among fans of quality sun protection and skin care.

How to protect your child's skin from the sun as much as possible?

Children's skin is extremely sensitive and susceptible to sun damage, and excessive exposure to the sun without proper sun protection poses a serious threat to delicate children's skin. Learn how to protect it as much as possible during the summer heat!

7 mistakes we make when applying sunscreen products

Exposure to sunlight increases the production of vitamin D, which helps improve mood and is essential for the absorption of calcium in the bones. However, it is important to remember that spending too much time in the sun can be extremely harmful to the skin. Learn how to properly protect your skin from the sun.

How to prepare our skin for the summer season?

The sunny days are here and it's wonderful! For healthy and beautiful skin all year round, it is important to adapt our skin care to the changing seasons. Learn how to prepare your skin for the summer season here.

6 main ways to cope with the summer heat

Long summer days, bright sun rays, cold drinks, beach and sea waves. There is no person who does not dream about it. Only one thing can ruin this idyll and that is the intense heat. Find out how to easily deal with it here.

5 ways to keep your summer tan longer

Sunny summer days give our skin a beautiful bronze tan - an ideal fashion accessory for any look, but do we know how to keep it for a long time? Learn more about the topic here.

Какви рискове крият старите слънцезащитни продукти?

Колкото и да обичаме Слънцето и докосването от неговите лъчи, то всъщност може да бъде опасно за нашата кожа. Знаете ли какви рискове крият старите слънцезащитни продукти? Научете повече по темата.

Колко слънце е полезно за нас и кога трябва да предпазваме кожата си от слънчевата светлина?

Слънцето е един от ключовите фактори, които позволяват да продължи да съществува живот на Земята. Разберете колко слънце е полезно за нас и кога трябва да предпазваме кожата си от слънчевата светлина.

Какво представлява хиперпигментацията на кожата и какво я причинява?

Всеки мечтае за красива, гладка, хидратирана кожа, с равен и сияен тен. За съжаление обаче, често се случва кожата ни да не е в това състояние, в което ни се иска да бъде. Научете как да преборите малките кафеникави петънца, наречени хиперпигментация.

Кое е подходящото облекло за предпазване от слънчевите лъчи?

Слънцезащитните продукти не са единствената методика за предпазване от слънчевите лъчи. Научете как облеклото е първата бариера и една от най-ефективните, за предпазването ѝ от опасните ултравиолетови лъчи.

Sun protection - history, development and innovation

The sunscreens we see today were founded and inspired by the sun protection methods of our ancestors, followed by scientific discoveries in the more recent era, and the subsequent trial, test and error of sunscreen formulas. Learn when sunscreen was created, how the formula has evolved over the years, and what the innovations are today.

Как да предпазим чувствителната кожа от слънцето?

Ако имате чувствителна кожа, намирането на правилната слънцезащита може да се превърне в огромно предизвикателство. Научете как да избирате правилно слънцезащитна козметика за чувствителна кожа, за да може да се наслаждавате на всеки сезон.

Осигурява ли по-висока защита на кожата слънцезащитата с по-висок фактор?

Знаете ли, че SPF е мярката за предпазването от UVB лъчите? Независимо дали сте на почивка или в градска среда, винаги използвайте слънцезащитен продукт с подходящ слънцезащотен фактор, за да бъде кожата ви здрава и млада! Научете повече по темата в блога на нашия сайт.

Митове и факти за слънцезащитата

В най-отпускарския месец, когато слънцето е най-жарко, е изключително важно да знаем как да защитим кожата си от вредните слънчеви лъчи. Научете най-популярните митове и факти за слънцезащитата тук.

Кога и защо слънцето се превръща в потенциална опасност за детската кожа?

Децата обожават приключенията, а слънчевите лъчи ги примамват за игри, но слънцето не е само приятел. То може да е и враг на здравето на детето. Ето защо, грижата за защита на детската кожа е от изключително значение. Научете кога и защо слънцето се превръща в потенциална опасност за детската кожа, в блога на нашия сайт.

Чисти ли са са плажовете по Черноморието?

Искате ли да узнаете кои са най-чистите плажове по българското Черноморие за летен сезон 2022г. и да се отдадете на една спираща дъха морска гледка сред най-красивите и чисти места у нас? Научете всичко най-актуално по темата.

Фотостареенето – какво представлява и как да го предотвратим?

Знаете ли какво представлява фотостареенето на кожата, какво го причинява и как да може се предпазите? Днес ви представяме няколко полезни метода как да защитите кожата от вредните слънчеви лъчи и да се сдобиете със здравословен бронзов загар. Научете повече по темата тук.

Слънцезащита при екстремни условия

Има хиляди причини, поради които всички обичаме лятото и слънцето. Това са дните, в които вдишваме топлината и издишваме енергия. Научи как да обичаш слънцето и да му се любуваш докато се отдаваш на любимите си летни занимания, без да навредиш на кожата си! Прочети повече по темата в блога на нашия сайт.

Why can't natural oils replace the use of sunscreen?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and proper sun protection is essential to keep it healthy and looking good. Learn why the use of natural oils can not replace the need for sunscreen in the blog on our site.

How to choose safe sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a must in daily skin care for all 12 months of the year, not just summer. How to choose the products that best protect against harmful sun rays and at the same time carry the lowest risk of pollution? 

How do our products contribute to reducing climate change?

We have improved the cosmetic formulas of our eco-designed Sun Like sunscreen series. We "packed" it in climate-neutral tubes of certified cardboard. We understand the skin and take care of it. Sun Like products meet the most important condition - health above all.

Sunscreen with chemical or mineral filters?

Sunscreen protects the skin from the sun through mineral or chemical filters. What is in your sunscreen product is easiest to find out by reading the contents on the back of the package. Before you buy sunscreen for the season, learn more about the topic in the blog on our website!

Абонирай се и спечели ПРОМО код за пазаруване с -10% и слънчеви Sun Like награди

Запишете се за нашия онлайн бюлетин до 30.06.22г и вземете ПРОМО код за пазаруване с -10% на специални Sun Like продукти в А на 01.07.2022г., 10 от Вас ще спечелят кутия Sun Like пълна със слънчеви награди и най-новите слънцезащитни продукти!

OFFICIAL RULES of the "Sun Like" Game in Lilly Drogerie

Make this summer even hotter and more fun with gifts from Sun Like. Take care of your sun kissed and healthy complexion and win great prizes! During the period of 01-30.06.2022 when you buy Sun Like, you recieve a scratch card - check if you have won after scraching out the marked field!    Make Sun Like part of your summer, and we will make sure it will be an unforgettable with one with a healthy chocolate tan

Hyaluronic aftersun care for a long-lasting skin complexion

In the composition of the cooling gel lotion "Sun Like" we added the vital hyaluronic acid and urea - for immediate and deep hydration. Hyaluronic acid has been found to increase skin hydration levels by 96% and skin elasticity by 55%.

How have we made children's sunscreen safer and more environmentally friendly?

The smaller the child, the shorter it should stay under the rays. To support parents in their desire to provide the safest and healthiest protection for their children, we have improved the formula of the children's sunscreen lotion "Sun Like", with a very high factor SPF 50

Why did we create the new climate-neutralzed packaging?

On the eve of its 21st year in the 21st century, Sun Like has taken another step forward with responsible attitude to human health and the purity of our nature. This is our commitment to sustainable and green development on the planet. We have created new, climate-neutralized packaging for our new, ever so gentle sunscreen.

The secret of good hydration to achieve a bronze tan

How does the sun affects hydration? During the summer season, the skin is exposed to daily stress - high temperatures, humidity, strong sunlight, salty sea water and chlorinated pool water, which can have a negative effect on its beauty. We all like to spend long hours on the beach, but too much sun exposure leads to dry skin, which increases its dehydration and is a premise for premature aging.

How does sunscreen actually work?

xcessive sun exposure can damage the skin's protective properties - it becomes dehydrated, thins out and begins to age faster. To enjoy the full pleasure of a vacation by the sea, or in the mountains, you need double secure protection - on the one hand – it acts as a shield against harmful sunlight, and on the other – it restores the water balance, which is factor № 1 for fresh and young skin.

Актуални модни тенденции за плажа - лято 2021

Какво да носите, докато се грижите за неустоим бронзов тен?Лято е! Всяка дама иска да е красива и модерна дори и на плажа.Привлечете погледите с неустоим и здравословен бронзов тен на кожата съчетан с бански в най-модерните за сезона форми и цветове.И днес ще ви разкажем за най- актуалните модни тенденции и зашеметяващите бански костюми, които ще бъдат тотален хит този летен сезон.

5 ideas for beach games

Family games on the beach leave unforgettable memories. True, you won't have much time to be lazy on the beach, but every common game brings together and teaches children how good it is to do things together. Protect yourself from the sun at all beach games. While you are engrossed in entertainment, its rays can be merciless to the skin.

Kids sun protection - a must fot the summer, not just for the beach

During the summer months, children are outside and their skin is exposed to the sun. That can be a problem. Throughout the summer days, children wear less and go the beach naked or just in a swimsuit or swimming pants. During this time of the year, the sun's rays lurk over all the exposed parts of the childrens delicate skin. Mothers, fathers and grandmothers are aware of this danger. Therefore, they carefully choose sunscreen products for their children. And they use them regularly, all summer long.

OFFICIAL RULES of the "Play and win" campaign

Направете лятото още по-горещо и забавно с нашите подаръци, погрижете се за своя слънчев и здравословен тен и спечелете страхотни награди!  В периода 01-30.06.2021г. при покупка на обозначен със стикер продукт Sun Like, получавате скреч карта - проверете дали печелите след изтриване на обозначеното поле! Направете SUN LIKE част от вашето лято, а ние ще го направим незабравимо и със здравословен шоколадов тен!

How does sun exposure affects the skin?

For many people, there is no better season than summer. It is well known that sunlight can improve our mood and is a reliable source of vitamin D. We all long to dive into an atmosphere filled with sunbeams, shimmering sea waves and cocktails with the colors of the rainbow. How exactly does the sun's rays affect the skin? Learn here!

Tips on how to get a long-lasting bronze tan fast

Summer means lots of sun and the most natural way to get a nice bronze tan are the sunbaths. The everlasting trend of golden tan and our desire to get it as fast as possible brings us to the dilemma on how to reach this without damaging our health. Here’s a list of our tips on the subject.

Sun protection in winter: Because it is just as important!

If winter affects you in a negative way and you feel down, it is a good idea to spend more time outdoors.  Winter season offers quite a few opportunities for outdoor activities, such as skiing or walks through the snow drifts of the mountain.