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Rules and Advices

The use of any products of the Sun Like series ensures a fast, long-lasting sun tan and reliable protection by a combination of UVA + UVB filters.

Sun protection factor categorisation

Standard of protection against UVA and UVB rays

Protection Characteristic Levels of protection
Very high protection
Very sensitive to burns
High protection

Highly sensitive

Burns very easily

Medium protection

It burns very easily

Hard to darken

Low protection

Burns minimal 

Easily darkens


Do you know that:

UVA rays have less energy and their wave length is higher. They penetrate deeply in the skin and cause early ageing, wrinkles and changes in DNA which form a risk factor for the development of cancerous skin growths.

Impacts related to UVA:
It exists in a constantly high percentage throughout the day and various seasons. It causes skin ageing but to a lower extent compared to UVB rays.

UVB rays have a shorter wave length and much energy, so they have a more destructive effect on the tissues, apart from being responsible for sun burns.

Impacts related to UVB:
UVB radiation is most intensive in the noon hours during the summer season at the temperate latitudes;

We recommend!

Sun protection cosmetic products are compulsory, especially when it refers to the beach and direct sun impact on the skin. The higher SPF, shown on the packing is, the higher the level of protection is. For more effective impact, it is good to apply sun oil 20 mins prior to sunbathing.

The proper use of the Sun Like products guarantees the acquisition of a healthy and long-lasting tan compared to the tan acquired by the use of any other sun protection products.

Apply lavishly prior to exposure to the sun and again upon sweating, swimming or wiping but not less than 6 teaspoonfuls. Any reduced quantity of application lowers the level of protection significantly.

Avoid excessive exposure to the sun in the peak hours.

Babies and young children should not be exposed to direct sunlight.